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03.03.2017  Saputo plant, Australia


Project in Australia completed.

18.11.2016  Projet in Florida/USA completed

Vibrofloors completed a Mission Foods expansion in Florida/USA.

14.11.2016  Bottling plant in Iran completed

Vibrofloors completed a Sunich bottling plant in Firuzkuh/Iran.

14.11.2016  Bakery in Iran completed

Vibrofloors completed SHIBA bakery in Firuzkuh/Iran.

14.11.2016  Expansion of ELSA completed

Vibrofloors completed another ELSA dairy expansion in Switzerland.

14.11.2016  Project in Port Harcourt/Nigeria

Vibrofloors completing PABOD brewery expansion in Port Harcourt/Nigeria

14.11.2016  New project in Egypt

Vibrofloors commencing new BEYTI Dairy expansion in Egypt.

14.11.2016  2 Breweries in Argentina completed

Vibrofloors completed 2 Quilmes breweries in Tucuman and Zarate in Argentina.

06.04.2016  Guedila refurbishment in Algeria

Vibrofloors awarded Guedila refurbishment in Algeria.

06.04.2016  New project in Malta

Vibrofloors awarded Aquani Water Bottling Facility in Malta.

06.04.2016  3 new brewery projects in Argentina

Vibrofloors awarded three Quilmes brewery projects in Argentina.

06.04.2016  New project in Nigeria

Vibrofloors awarded another SABMiller project PABOD in Port Harcourt in Nigeria.

09.10.2015  Elsa Dairy expansion completed

Vibrofloors completed ELSA Dairy expansion (Estavayer Lait SA part of MIFROMA Group)  in Eastvayer Le Lac/Switzerland

01.10.2015  New AB INBEV Brewery in Czech Republic

Vibrofloors awarded 800 m2 AB INBEV Brewery in Czech Republic.

01.10.2015  New project of 6 000 m2 in Iran

Vibrofloors awarded 6 000 m2 new Beverage Plant for Sunich in Iran

01.10.2015  New project for SABMiller in Peru

Vibrofloors awarded another 3 000m2 SABMiller facility in Lima/Peru

01.10.2015  New 2000 m2 SABMiller project

Vibrofloors awarded 2 000 m2 SABMiller Brewery in Las Palmas in Canary Islands.

01.10.2015  New 5000 m2 project in Spain

Vibrofloors awarded 5 000m2 Vegetable Processing Facility Liquats in Spain.

01.10.2015  New 12 000 m2 project in India

VIBROFLOORS awarded new 12 000 m2 Cereal Facilitry (Kayem Foods) in Sonipat/India

06.08.2015  Baby food plant in Belarus

Vibrofloors awarded another baby food plant Nesvizh 6000 m2 in Minsk/Belarus.

06.08.2015  Arequipa SABMiller

Vibrofloors completed a filler refurbishment project for Backus SABMiller brewery in Arequipa/Peru.

06.08.2015  La Sien brewery Nigeria

Vibrofloors awarded La Sien another beverage processing plant in Port Harcourt/Nigeria.

06.08.2015  Guarana, SABMiller, Peru

Vibrofloors completed a canning line of soft drinks GUARANA for Backus SABMiller brewery in Lima, Peru.

06.08.2015  RITE FOODS Nigeria

Vibrofloors awarded another 6000 m2 beverage plant in Nigeria - RITE FOODS.

06.08.2015  Riba Smith Panama

Vibrofloors completed a meat processing plant for Riba Smith Supermarkets in Panama.

06.08.2015  SABMiller Peru

Vibrofloors completed  a bottling line for San Juan SABMiller brewery in Pucallpa, Peru.

06.08.2015  SUNICH bewerage plant in Iran

Vibrofloors awarded another 6000 m2 beverage plant in Iran - SUNICH.

06.08.2015  Backus SABMiller Lima

Vibrofloors completed a canning line for Backus SABMiller brewery in Lima, Peru.

06.08.2015  SABMiller Pucallpa

Vibrofloors completed a yeast room for San Juan SABMiller brewery in Pucallpa, Peru.

06.08.2015  Riba Smith bakery in Panama

Vibrofloors completed a bakery for Riba Smith Supermarkets in Panama.

06.08.2015  San Mateo project completed

SAN MATEO Mineral Water bottling line in Peru was completed.

06.08.2015  SABMiller brewery completed

Vibrofloors completed Backus SABMiller brewery, Motupe bottling line, in Peru.

06.08.2015  Panama project completed

Vibrofloors completed vegetable processing plant for Rey Supermarkets in Panama.

05.01.2015  14 000 m2 project in KSA

Vibrofloors awarded another Almarai project, CPP 2 Cheese expansion with 14 000 m2 of Vibrofloors flooring system in KSA.

13.06.2014  New BREWERY project in Pucallpa, Peru

Vibrofloors awarded another 5000 m2 brewery projcet in Pucallpa, Peru.

25.05.2014  Brewery expansion in Lebanon

Kassatly a new Brewery expansion completed in Bekaa/Lebanon.

20.05.2014  Pilsner Urquell refurbishment completed

Plzensky Prazdroj refurbishment to a new Filler area executed in Czech Republic.

20.05.2014  Refurbishment in Germany completed

Vibrofloors completed a Suedzucker refurbishment in Germany.

10.04.2014  New project for Pepsi CO completed

Vibrofloors completed Radenska, a new Pepsi CO filling line in Slovenia.

01.03.2014  Cow farm project in Jordan completed

Vibrofloors completed a New Cow Farm for Sama Group in Jordan.

01.03.2014  Another project in Jeddah completed

Vibrofloors Completed Sadafco upgrade in Jeddah/KSA

01.03.2014  Honey plant in Jeddah completed

Vibrofloors completed new Sunbulah Honey expansion in Jeddah/KSA.

22.10.2013  San Mateo, Peru

obrazek309pomocny obrazek309pomocny obrazek309pomocny obrazek309pomocny
Vibrofloors completed another Mineral Water plant in Peru

22.08.2013  New project in Panama

Vibrofloors awarded another bakery and meat processing plant in Panama - RIBA SMITH.

22.08.2013  New project in Reunion

Vibrofloors awarded another project in Reunion island for King Foods.

22.08.2013  New Sab Miller projects

Vibrofloors awarded another SAB Miller brewery in Peru ( San Mateo and Pucallpa).

07.02.2013  New project in Panama

Vibrofloors awarded a 5,000.00 sqm Meat processing Plant in Panama.

05.02.2013  6000 m2 Dairy facility!

Vibrofloors awarded refurbishment to existing TEEBA Dairy facility 6,000 m2, the Floors will be refurbished during continues production.

05.02.2013  New potato chips production

Vibrofloors awarded Mr. Chips 5,000 m2 new Potato Chips production plant in Lebanon!

22.01.2013  SAB Miller Brewery

obrazek300pomocny obrazek300pomocny obrazek300pomocny
Vibrofloors completed Motupe and Lima SAB Miller Brewery expansions

08.04.2011  New project in Azerbaijan

Vibrofloors awarded a new Volvo/Mack Truck Repair workshop in Azerbaijan in the capital city Baku.

08.04.2011  New Malta project

Vibrofloors awarded another bakery project in Malta, Maypole Bakery.

22.03.2011  New project in India

Vibrofloors awarded a new PAN Foods Project in India.

16.03.2011  New project in Saudi Arabia

Vibrofloors awarded a new HADCO Hatchery Project in Hail.

16.03.2011  Mercedes Benz project in Amman completed

Vibrofloors completed a new Mercedes Benz dealer ship for Gargour Motors in Amman/Jordan (4000 m2).

15.12.2010  Project Spak Foods completed

Vibrofloors completed a Spak Foods facility, producing ketchups, mayos, dressings..  in Czech Republic

01.12.2010  Project Cradle in Saudi Arabia nearly finished

obrazek285pomocny obrazek285pomocny obrazek285pomocny

We are now finishing a big project, 30 000 m2, for Cradle in Saudi Arabia.

01.11.2010  Project Western Bakeries in Saudi Arabia finished

obrazek283pomocny obrazek283pomocny obrazek283pomocny
Vibrofloors company just finished a 38 000 m2 project for Western Bakeries in Saudi Arabia.

17.11.2010  Guedilla Water plant facility finished

obrazek282pomocny obrazek282pomocny obrazek282pomocny
We would like to announce that the Guedilla Water Plant facility 3300 m2 in Algeria was finished.

12.10.2009  A large project in Russia completed

obrazek243pomocny obrazek243pomocny obrazek243pomocny

Another Large project completed in Russia for world leading confectionary company, totaling 50,000m2 of Vibro-Chem turnkey flooring system

06.08.2015  Water plant in Pucallpa completed

Vibrofloors completed a water plant for San Juan SABMiller brewery in Pucallpa, Peru.

12.10.2009  Vibrofloors Company awarded 3 new contracts in the Middle East

Vibrofloors Company awarded another 3 large contracts for Western Bakeries and Cradle Facility in Saudi Arabia.


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